Pinky’s log, 20090916.2: The Trick Part III Continued

16 09 2009
should have made the staircase wider...she fell a couple times

should have made the staircase wider...she fell a couple times


Pinky’s Log, 20090916: The Trick Part III

16 09 2009

It took hundreds of trials to have Pinky respond to the clicker properly, but less than five trials to have her to climb a lego staircase to get food when the clicker goes off. All that I did was wait for her to climb on top of it on her own, hit the clicker, then give her food when she stood up on her hind legs. I did that twice, then did it when she wasn’t near the staircase and she got it fast.

Pinky’s Log, 20090914: The Trick Part II

14 09 2009

Well Pinky is not cooperating this morning with the clicker. she was only responding to it about 40% of the time when I was trying to teach the trick. She spent a lot time putting her head through the hole in the side of the escape box…Can rats have ADHD?! Looks like I’ll be in the lab for a while reinforcing the clicker.

Pinky’s Log, 20090912: The Trick

12 09 2009

The trick training has begun. Pinky will hopefully climb a little lego staircase on demand by early next week. It was introduced today, and she was reinforced everytime she touched the staircase.

Pinky’s Log, 20090910: Clicker Training II

10 09 2009

Finally! She gets the clicker! We got some good training in today. We start work on the trick tomorrow night or saturday morning.

Pinky’s Log, 20090908: Clicker Training

9 09 2009

Well she still is not quite clicker trained. I went down to the lab three different times today and had about 110 trials total. She gained a little weight, now sitting at about 194.2 grams. For now, here is my favorite picture of her investigating my ipod.

she likes string quartets apparently

she likes string quartets apparently

Pinky’s Log, 20090907: The Introduction

29 08 2009

Finally I’m posting my first update on Pinky’s “journey” this semester. We have gone through some clicker training so far, and she is taking to it pretty well. We have weighted her a couple times and she is hanging around 190.2 to 191.2 grams while on an 8 pellet diet per day. She showed an interesting behavior early on in the training whenever she would receive pieces of food. I noticed that she always moved her food to a certain corner in her cage, so I decided to see what she would do in the escape box. I placed food in random places in the box and waited for her to find them. When she did, she would run back to the corner closest to me before eating. You can see it in the video link here.